Our very well-equipped laboratory provides services related to the operation of anaerobic fermentation technology. We have experience in processing technologies of liquid and non-liquid substrates and a variety of feedstocks, energy crops, food residue. We can compare the measured results with dozens of previously analyzed materials. All analysis and tests are performed in accordance with generally accepted practices and standards.


Analysis of feedstock

  • dry matter, loss on ignition, pH, COD, BOD, C: N, TOC, FOS / TAC
  • fat content, fiber
  • elemental composition


Biogas production

  • test production of biogas (methane)
  • tests of residual biogas production
  • anaerobic toxicity tests


Analysis of the quality of biogas

  • composition of biogas (CH4, CO2, H2S, H2, O2)


The analysis of fermentation rest

  • elemental composition
  • mineralogical composition


Other services

  • determination of gross calorific
  • rheological properties of the substrate
  • thermography